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   Where Do I Get A BNC
Although there are many sites for getting BNC's. My Most favorite is
In this section i will be covering how to setup and configure a BNC from BNC's are suppose to run only on a Linux/Unix system, so all the commands specified below are to be executed in the SHELL prompt of a Linux/Unix system.
   Downloading BNC Through a Shell Prompt or MS-DOS Prompt
Note: These download instructions are through a SHELL prompt for a linux system or from MS-DOS prompt of a Windows system. So start your Shell Prompt / DOS Prompt before giving these commands.
1.  Connect to
username: anonymous
2.  Change to directory
cd pub/bnc/
3.  Get The file
get bnc2.6.2.tar.gz
4.  Quit FTP
   Unzipping The File
Inflate the file
gunzip bnc2.6.2.tar.gz
tar -xf bnc2.6.2.tar
   Compiling The BNC
Compile the Unzipped and Untarred Files
CD bnc2.6.2
   Making an Encrypted Password
 Type Following Command
 Type the password you require as the bnc password. It will then give you the encrypted password. Write it down some where for later use.
   Setup The BNC Configuration File
   Open the Configuration File
pico bnc.conf
   Edit the information in the red italics as shown.
S:supervisorpassword ( This will be the encrypted password you made earlier )
D:9823742:2:password port_to_use:number_of_users:access_password
C:6667 default irc port to connect to default virtual host. (If you don't know what this would be, use the IP or address you Telnet to) If there is more than one vhost for the server enter it here. This way you can change your host without editing the config file. ditto
P:pid.bnc leave this as is. It's for Crontab.
L:bnc.log Change this to what you want the log file name to be
W:1 enable dynamic idents on servers with identwd installed
A:1:* allows a list of IP's that can use the BNC
    Save the BNC configuration file by pressing following keys
ctrl - X
   Start The BNC
 Type Following Command to start the BNC
./bnc bnc.conf
The BNC will now start and the process immediately goes in to background. Now your BNC is up and running.
   Logon To The BNC
 Open Your IRC Client and type following
/server port
After Connecting the BNC will ask for password
/quote PASS password
EX: /quote PASS ILOVEU2000
After the password is accepted then connect to the Real IRC Server
/quote CONN ircserver
EX: /quote CONN
Finale! Your BNC is Configured and Running!! Enjoy your time..!!

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