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Featured Lyrics Artist - A Girl Called Eddy
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Our Time is Up - from the show Elementary
Dead Man Calling - from the show NCIS: New Orleans
All Singing, All Dancing - from the show The Simpsons
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For the Cause - from the show Startrek Deep Space Nine
Kill Me If You Can - from the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Late Shaft - from the show Castle
Rivals - from the show Startrek Deep Space Nine
Climbing Into Bed - from the show Chicago P.D.
Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat - from the show Chuck
Fight for Your Life or Eat - from the show Survivor
Lucky Strike - from the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
The Darkest Journey Home - from the show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Eggs for Days - from the show Bob's Burgers
I Never Promised You an Organic Garden - from the show King of the Hill
My Funny Valentine - from the show Madam Secretary
The List - from the show Bionic Woman
A Tale of Two Cities - from the show Lost
Bad Blood - from the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Grant: For the People - from the show Scandal

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