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24th Febuary 2006


Our whole site has been revamped with new links and new sections. We have added 14,000 cheats and 29,000 Games in our database. We are trying to get the other sections up and running.

For now Videos, Downloads & SiteMap sections are down, as work is still pending in them. Rest you can enjoy our new cheats section.

PLEASE UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS! As a lot of links on our site have changed!!

09th July 2005

Lyrics Section:
The Most beautiful and versatile of all Shakira is back, i have added lyrics as follows

* Lyrics for "Shakira - Fijacion Oral (Latin Version)"
* Lyrics for "Shakira - Fijacion Oral (English Version)" will be comming by November 2005

So keep on visting......

14th June 2005
Links Resources Section:

We have started up with our link resources section, wherein you can submit your site and get quality traffic diverted from for free.

Yes!! No Money! For Traffic

13th May 2005
Site Map Section
We recently added our new sitemap section, where u can get the whole site map.

01st January 2005
Happy New Year
Every one at wishes all our users an Happy & Properous New Year

18th September 2004
New Server is on an new high powered server. As the demand continues to grow up and users can now have an better surfing experience!

24th June 2004
New Server shifts to new server, as the old server people were not able to handle the traffic on my site, i switched my site to new server, so every one enjoy ;)!

13th January 2004
New Server on an new server. As our old ISP got DOS attacked, hence we had to shift to new server!

01st January 2004
Happy New Year
Every one at wishes all our users an Happy & Properous New Year

22nd December 2003

Lyrics Section:
As per request of some special users i have added lyrics of Lara Fabian as follows

* Lyrics for "Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian"

26th September 2003

Episode Guides Section:

After 10 Months of hardwork i have managed to start the episode guides section. Be on the look out as i will be adding more and more to this

Currently avaliable

* Startrek The Original Series
* Startrek The Next Generation
* Startrek Voyager
* Startrek Deep Space Nine

Comming Soon

* Startrek Enterprise
* Farscape
* Friends
* Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Keep visiting..

Do visit this site regularly! because every day more and more things are added to the site.!

Dont!! Forget to sign the guest book as your comments will help us to improve the site.!

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