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A Canorous Quintet Biography

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Full Name: A Canorous Quintet
Born: N/A
Birth Place: N/A, N/A
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Formed in 1991 A CANOROUS QUINTET, a brutal Death / Black Metal act, released their ‘The Time Of Autumn’ demo having undergone a multitude of line-up changes up to that point. Guitarist Leo Pignon later forged a similar Black Metal outfit NIDEN DIV. 187 with members of DAWN and THY PRIMORDIAL releasing two albums ‘Towards Judgement’ and ‘Impergium’ on Necropolis Records.Fredrik Andersson also boasts credits with AMON AMARTH as a current Drummer. Vocalist Marten Hansen is guest on OCTOBER TIDE’s 1999 album ‘Grey Dawn’, and also the current Vocalist for SINS OF OMISSION. By 2000 both guitarist Linus Nirbrant and Andersson were involved in aside project called GUIDANCE OF SIN..........

Band Details

The bizarrely named Swedish death metal band A Canorous Quintet came into being in 1991, when they evolved from what was previously "A Canorous Quartet," and included singer Marten Hansen, guitarists Linus Nirbrant and Leo Pignon, bassist Jesper Lofgren, and drummer Fredrik Andersson. After recording two demos, 1993's "The Time of Autumn" and 1994's "As Tears" (later released as an EP), the group debuted with 1996's Silence of the World Beyond full-length, then followed with the quite impressive The Only Pure Hate album two years later.

But their participation in endless side projects had begun to overwhelm the members of A Canorous Quintet, and they soon decided to split up the group in order to pursue them. Most notably among their various destinations, the two guitarists turned their focus to Guidance of Sin, while drummer Andersson joined leading Viking death metal band Amon Amarth.

This Ending was formed in 1991 as A Canorous Quintet by Fredrik Andersson, Mårten Hansen and Linus Nirbrant. After some changes, the line-up was complete with the addition of Leo Pignon and Jesper Löfgren. The band released an EP, As Tears, in 1994, and two full length albums: Silence of the World Beyond in 1996 and The Only Pure Hate in 1998. They performed numerous shows with acts like At the Gates, Dissection, Hypocrisy and Edge of Sanity. In 1998, the members decided to separate. Hansen went on to join October Tide, while Nirbrant, Löfgren, and Andersson formed a group called Guidance of Sin; however, Andersson left in 1999 to join Amon Amarth.

In 2004, Andersson recorded a 5 song demo under the name Curriculum Mortis. That winter, the members played with the idea of regrouping for something new, and in early 2005, they decided it was time for a new era, officially creating This Ending. During the spring and summer 13 songs were created, three of which were chosen for the downloadable demo, Let the World Burn, recorded later the same year. The band landed a deal on Metal Blade Records, and recorded their first full-length album, Inside the Machine, in September 2006.

In January 2009, the band announced the completion their second studio album, Dead Harvest. The music video for the song "Parasite" was premiered on the band's Myspace on January 17. The album was released on January 30 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, February 2 in the rest of Europe, and February 3 in North America.

This Ending left Metal Blade Records in January 2011 and are planning to re-record the material they did as A Canorous Quintet in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of having started under that name.........

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