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A Change Of Pace Biography

A Change Of Pace
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Background Information
Full Name:
A Change Of Pace
Birth Place
Peoria, Arizona, United States of America
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A Change Of Pace biography,Glory Opera biography,Ultraspank biography,Rohn Schmidt biography,Kai Yu Wu biography,Nightrage biography,Edgar Duncan biography
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A Change of Pace is a five piece pop punk band from Peoria, Arizona. ............


A Change of Pace formed in 2001 when singer Torry Jasper and drummer Jonathan Kelly began playing together in freshmen year of high school (while attending Centennial High School). In 2003, after a few years of jamming and playing small local shows, bassist Johnny Abdullah and guitarist Adam Rodgers joined the band. From there they were discovered by manager Jorge Hernandez, and within a few months they had a deal with Immortal Records and released their EP Change Is The Only Constant.

In 2005 the band released their first full-length album, An Offer You Can't Refuse, and landed a spot on the Vans Warped Tour. Just a year after their first album, on August 15 A Change of Pace released their second record, Prepare The Masses. The band also added a fifth member to the band, Dan Parker (previously in Don't Let Go).

On June 1, 2008 the band announced that they had parted ways with former vocalist Torry Jasper, and announced a new lead singer, Micah Bentley. They also announced the release of their EP, Just No Better Way. With new singer Micah Bentley they have adopted a lighter tone to their music, contrasting drastically with their previous singer Torry Jasper who screamed vocals in the older material.

The new album, entitled It Could Be Worse was released on February 22.

In 2011, Micah Bentley married Ashley Bentley. Bentley currently lives with his wife in Peoria, Arizona where he continues to write music for his new project. This new project is called "Micah and His Friend".

Style and influences

A Change of Pace's music is drawn from a number of different bands, ranging from pop bands such as the Beatles, to metal bands such Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and to the piano pop/rock of artists such as Five for Fighting and Ben Folds. The band however cites their major influence as alternative rock band Third Eye Blind. They have also been noted by AllMusic reviewer Jo-Ann Greene as showing: "the sparkle of U2, the attitude of Green Day, a stinging arena rock-styled lead guitar solo, and a splash of new wave synth, deftly delivered by Dave Holdredge."

AllMusic commented on how all members of the band shared a love for pop punk and Third Eye Blind leading to A Change of Pace's style being described as "explosive, pop-edged alternative rock". Reviews have cited them as showing influence from a variety of rock genres including: pop punk, alternative rock, post-hardcore, screamo, melodic hardcore, pop rock, hard rock, punk rock and indie rock.

Breakup and Departure of Micah Bentley

On March 13, 2011, drummer Jon Kelley announced via Facebook that after 10 years, A Change of Pace was calling it quits. Their last show, "A Change of Pace Farewell Show", took place on April 22, at The Clubhouse in Tempe. Opening bands included Greeley Estates, Desole, It's Like Love, and In It for Storms.

In April 2011, A Change Of Pace played their final show with singer Micah Bentley as he began to prepare for his solo career.
Reunion, New Album and Return of Torry Jasper

On Christmas Day 2011, A Change Of Pace was asked to reunite with Torry Jasper and play the ‘South By So What’ festival in Dallas, Texas on March 17 of 2012. After several discussions, the band agreed to perform at the festival with other acts such as The Early November, Motion City Soundtrack, HelloGoodbye and Cartel.

After several meetings, the band decided to work on a full length album with Torry Jasper. The album is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Band members


* Torry Jasper: lead vocals (2001-2008; 2012-Present)
* Jonathan Kelley: drums (2001-Present)
* Johnny Abdullah: bass, vocals (2001-Present)
* Adam Rodgers: lead guitar (2001-Present)
* Dan Parker: guitar, vocals (2006-Present)


* Micah Bentley: lead vocals (2008-2011)

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